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Residual Income Through Real Estate

Most people make their income linearly, which means they have a “Linear-income”. This simply means that for every hour they work they get an X amount of income.
With a linear-income a person must keep working if they want to keep getting paid.
In the United State the average person works a 40-hour workweek not to mention all the other time spent away from the home due to having to work.  Let’s say that the average is 50 hours per week.
If you consider that the average person gets 2 weeks of vacation, you will see that 2500 hours per year are spent on the job.  Take those hours over the typical 45-year work span, and you will have worked 112,500 hours!!
If you could go back and average all the income over that 45-year period, you might find statistics like this:

Average Annual Salary of $30,000 is equivalent to $12/hour before taxes and a mere $7.80 after taxes (assuming a 35% rate of taxation)

Average Annual Salary of $40,000 is equivalent to $16/hour before taxes

Average Annual Salary of $50,000 is equivalent to $20/hour before taxes

When you look at the examples above, there is a pattern that might catch you eye.

For each $10,000 more made per year, you can add $4/hour to your hourly rate of pay. I can almost guarantee you that if you follow this type of system to make your money, you will have a very difficult time becoming wealthy.

Everyone has heard of diversification, especially when talking about finances.  If you choose stocks, you are told to diversify. Why? Because it is too risky to put all your eggs in one basket – this is simple logic.

And yet, if you look at most people today they almost always have “all their eggs in one basket”. What I’m talking about of course is most people have only one way of getting income: their job.

Most people have ONE paycheck that goes into a bank and then comes out of the bank for a variety of fixed expenses.  The only diversification in this picture is the number of ways the money flows OUT of the bank! If your cash flow fails due to sickness or inability to perform the given tasks, you will lose all of your assets.

So, what’s better than linear income? Why it’s residual income of course!





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Getting Rid Of Expenses And Debt
If you are like most people, your cash flow is simply flowing through your hands every month. Because most of it is spent on your monthly living expenses, this means that if you have only a linear-income you must keep working every single month to pay your monthly bills.
Take a look at the following rules, to get a better idea of what things should be like:
o Cash pays for the goodies, or “Happiness is a positive cash flow!”
o Cash inflow must be greater than cash outflow.
o Residual cash flow is better than linear cash flow.
o While we say time = money, assets are what produce money. The greater the assets, the greater the cash flow. Feed your assets so your assets can feed you!
o Wealth is a function of cash flow over time.
o Cash must be generated from more than one source of wealth. Income must feed wealth-producing assets, which in turn produce more cash flow.
o Taxes are cash flow’s nemesis. Use the tax code to increase cash flow. Don’t allow taxes to use your cash flow.
o You can’t create more time, but you can buy it back.
o Financial independence does not equal financial freedom. Owning your own business does not necessarily make you free!
o Positive cash flow must not depend on your efforts alone.
o Associate with successful, cash-flow producing people. Ask them to take you under their wing. Learn what they do and step into their shoes.
Money does not make you happy, however, money is ONE of the stumbling blocks of achieving happiness, along with knowledge, faith, time and health.
This list is a list of truths that, once learned, will help you on your way to financial freedom.
The essence of successful cash flow management is regulating the money flowing in and out of your wallet. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It really is, but very few people take the time to keep track of what actually


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